Benefits Of Fire Warden Training In Adelaide


The fire warden can be the difference between saved lives and a terrible disaster. If your location does not have a fire warden, it is essential for you to create a fire emergency control organisation (ECO) and appoint fire wardens before a fire occurs. If your location already has fire wardens, are you sure that they are adequately trained? Are there enough fire wardens to handle a large emergency? Are you in complete compliance for fire warden training Adelaide locations requirements?

There are several key responsibilities for fire wardens:

  1. Ability to identify and react quickly to a fire emergency
  2. Wear easily identifiable clothing such as hats or vests
  3. Coordinate their assigned areas for a building evacuation
  4. Know the appropriate escape routes and locations to convene
  5. Understand how to account for all persons within their responsibility
  6. Keep calm and order during a fire emergency
  7. Willing to receive updated training on a regular basis
  8. Coordinate evacuation drills on schedule
  9. Assist the fire brigade if needed to identify problem areas or urgent situations

Some of the items covered for fire warden training Adelaide area locations need include: Fire warden authority during an emergency:

  1. Identifying fire safety equipment and using it when necessary
  2. Thorough training on fire safety equipment use
  3. Identifying exit signs and evacuation routes for staff and occupants
  4. Understanding that life takes precedent over property or assets
  5. How to trigger alarms and contacting the fire brigade when needed
  6. Knowing the scale of an emergency – it could be localised to one small area such as a kitchen or it could grow rapidly to engulf an entire building
  7. Learning the potential causes of fire including sparks, grease, oil, chemicals, gas leaks, accidents, and any open flame
  8. React to non-fire emergencies when an evacuation is needed such as structure failure, riots or armed intruders, floods, medical issues or bomb threats
The fire warden is an important person during an emergency and requires a level of focus and understanding to maintain order and keep everyone safe. There could be situations where bystanders need to be kept clear of an area, or shelter is needed beyond the planned evacuation area. Fire wardens may need to render assistance to those who are confused, injured, or incapable of safely evacuating on their own. For situations where an intruder, riot or bomb threat has occurred there should be clear policies on notifying authorities and how to react to dangerous persons.

When a fire emergency happens, people can become confused and disoriented very quickly. Fire warden training Adelaide locations need will help the fire warden to react quickly, take charge, and wear easily identifiable clothing such as the fire warden hats or vests so that persons know who can direct them to safety. Without fire warden training Adelaide businesses can be in jeopardy, and lives can be at a much greater risk. The Australian Standards mandate that fire wardens should be trained and ready to respond in fire emergencies.

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