Emergency Evacuation Plans Adelaide


Emergencies can happen at any location, any time, and in any situation. Workers may just be arriving at work, or they may be away on a break. In any case, a workplace fire could cause panic and become deadly very quickly. Studies and experience has proven that an educated work force that has been trained for emergency evacuations can help to save lives and reduce property damage.

Far too often, an emergency occurs and no one knows how to respond. Should they stay and fight the fire? When should they evacuate? Where should they go? Do they need to contact anyone?

Fire Evacuation Plan Adelaide

With emergency evacuation plans Adelaide area workers can be prepared in the event of a fire and know how to react. Some of the items covered for emergency evacuation plans Adelaide businesses use include:

  • Fire risks – know how to determine a fire risk in the workplace. This may include chemical storage, heat sources, electrical issues, manufacturing equipment, rubbish disposal and other risks.
  • Identifying the emergency – there are different degrees of fire emergencies. The evacuation plan should clearly outline when a worker should take action to fight the fire or when to evacuate to a safe area. For example, a small cook fire that can be quickly extinguished would not necessarily initiate an evacuation.
  • Signs and lighting – workers should be trained to look for exit signs and lighting that will guide them to a safe area. During a fire rooms and hallways can fill with toxic smoke quickly so it is important to use proper lighting and signage.
  • Alarms – train your employees to listen for alarms and audible signals to let them know where to exit the building and when they should evacuate. Workers who may be visually impaired should become familiar with the audible signals.
  • Safe area – the evacuation plan should include a map that identifies the safe areas for employees to congregate. These areas should have an appointed leader who can account for all employees in the safe area.
  • Australian Standards – there are specific fire safety standards that emergency evacuation plans Adelaide companies use should be in compliance. These standards include AS3745 for emergency planning, AS1841 for maintaining fire equipment, AS1940 for storing or handling flammable materials or liquids, AS2444 for fire extinguisher types and others. Businesses should carefully review all of the appropriate Australian standards regulations to stay safe and to stay in compliance.

Emergency evacuation plans Adelaide companies should implement need to be as comprehensive as possible, and have a routine process in place to review and maintain the plans. Fire Safe Services can assist companies in evaluating their existing plans or creating a new plan. Also, Fire Safe Services has the knowledge and expertise to help you stay in compliance and conduct training exercises or emergency drills for your business.

Fire Evacuation Adelaide