Fire And Evacuation Drills In Australia


The fire and evacuation drills in Australian businesses, institutions and other facilities should utilize are specifically designed to save lives and reduce property damage. A workplace that does not routinely conduct fire drills increases the risk of serious damage, injuries and possible deaths.

Fire Drills Australia

Some of the key important parts of fire drills Australian locations can utilize include:

  • Repetition reinforces the procedures – with ongoing simulations and drills all employees and occupants will know what to do in the event of a fire emergency. This will reduce the likelihood of confusion and make sure everyone is able to respond in a calm and organised manner. 

  • Sense of security – employees and occupants will have a sense of security when fire and evacuation drills are conducted properly. This will reduce overall workplace anxiety. 

  • Documentation – having documentation as a reference call help greatly with fire safety drills. This document can be reviewed at any time by employees to make sure they understand what to do during a drill as well as how to act if there was an actual emergency. 

  • Coordination – everyone will understand their roles as part of the fire and evacuation drill process. Organisers and leaders can practice their communication skills and review the steps outlined in the documentation to make sure everything is covered. 

  • Modifications – a fire and evacuation drill can also help you to identify areas of your evacuation plan that might need adjustments. An exit, for example, may not be clearly identified or a different exit could be better utilised. All of the modifications should be submitted to the fire safety committee to review and adjust where necessary. 

  • Fire Safety Equipment – all fire alarms, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can be checked as part of the fire drill. This can help you to identify equipment that may need service, repair, or replacement. 

  • Reaction Time – you should time your fire safety drills so that you know how long it takes to completely evacuate a building. While an actual emergency may take longer, with enough practice the time determined from fire drills can give you a good indicator on when to confirm all personnel are safe in a real emergency. 

Fire and evacuation drills can save lives. Persons who are familiar with fire safety drills and simulations stand a better chance of fighting a fire, saving their friends or coworkers, saving property and saving lives. It is important to cover all steps properly and adhere to the Australian Standards for fire safety procedures and equipment. By using the professional services from Fire Safe Services you can have fire safety training, simulations and other fire safety activities that will help you to keep your business safe from potential property damage, injuries, or fatalities resulting from a fire.

Fire Evacuation Drills Australia