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Fire extinguisher inspection is a periodical inspection of extinguishers which determines whether equipments are properly placed for fire emergencies. Inspection also gives assurance that extinguisher is charged and ready to use whenever needed. A frequent inspection is always suggested to businesses which makes sure their facility is fire safe and ready to beat all types of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Adelaide
Consider these important points for inspecting fire extinguishers:
  • Save lives – an operating fire extinguisher is proven to save lives in a fire emergency. A fire extinguisher that has been ignored can malfunction or break, which may result in injuries or casualties.
  • Reduce property damage – a fully functional fire extinguisher, when properly used, can attack and extinguish a fire very quickly. This will reduce the amount of property damage and keep your facility operational.
  • Australian Standards Compliance – to avoid fines and penalties all fire extinguishers should be routinely inspected and tested so that your facility complies with Australian Standards.
When properly managed and scheduled, a fire extinguisher inspection can easily fit into most building maintenance routines. To make your inspection process easier, try these tips:

  • Work with a trained professional fire emergency services company – this will insure you have comprehensive services that cover all aspects of inspection quickly and effectively
  • Know the location of all equipment – make sure you are aware of the location of all fire extinguishers and emergency equipment. Have it documented and ready for reference if needed
  • Review the types of extinguishers – there are different types of fire extinguishers that are designed to attack specific types of fires. For example one type of fire extinguisher can attack grease fires, another for electrical fires, and there are extinguishers for general use. Your inspection company can help you to identify these extinguishers and make recommendations.
  • Note any changes to the facility – if you have installed additional electrical equipment, had construction on the building, or relocated cooking areas then you should note this as part of your inspection and determine if the fire extinguisher types or locations should be changed.
  • Environmental effects – the types of environments where fire extinguishers reside can have an impact on how they function. Some situations that could reduce the effectiveness of an extinguisher include excessive dust or dirt, high moisture areas, significant vibrations from heavy machinery, or extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Labeling and signage – all fire extinguishers should be easily noticeable with signs and labels. This way any individual can locate the fire extinguisher if needed.
  • Training –facility personnel should have appropriate training on fire extinguisher use.
  • Have a schedule in mind – coordinate with your inspection service provider to make sure you both have a schedule that will fit into your regular building maintenance routine while also staying in compliance with the inspection frequency requirements from Australian Standards. The inspection frequency should be noted on the fire extinguishers and your service provider should be able to do any research that is needed also.
  • Inspection record – have an inspection record log available to reference when necessary.

With the right services partner your inspections can be easy and painless. Fire Safe Services provide the best fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection plans for your location at prices that are easily affordable. Contact Us Today!

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