Fire Extinguisher Requirements For Boat & Vessels in South Australia


The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has reported that during the year 2014 there were almost 200 distress incidents involving marine vessels. A significant number of these incidents involved smoke or fires on the boat or other type of watercraft. Thankfully this number has remained relatively stable over the last few years mainly due to increased awareness and fire safety training.

There is real danger for fire emergencies on boats, yachts, commercial vessels, and other types of marine vessels. Occupants on the vessel are just a short distance from extremely flammable fuels and other chemicals. The boat itself can be made of materials that are designed to be lightweight but can also be very flammable. In a matter of minutes a marine vessel can be consumed in flames with little or no notice.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements on Marine Vessels for South Australia

Any fire extinguisher for boats must adhere to the Australian Standard AS 1841 and is inspected and maintained according to AS 1851. Typically the fire extinguisher for boats will have an inspection tag attached that indicates the last date of inspection and maintenance. The size of the fire extinguisher for boats is determined based on the amount of flammable fluids on the boat and must be not less than the minimum approved size for the amount of flammable liquid carried.

Minimum Approved Size:

a vessel carrying not more than 115 litres of flammable liquid  0.9 kg Fire Extinguisher is Required 
 a vessel carrying more than 115 litres but not more than 350 litres of flammable liquid  2.0 kg Fire Extinguisher is Required
 a vessel carrying more than 350 litres but not more than 695 litres of flammable liquid  4.5 kg Fire Extinguisher is Required
 a vessel carrying more than 695 litres of flammable liquid  9.0 kg Fire Extinguisher is Required

Having multiple small extinguishers does not satisfy the size requirement - ie if you are required to carry a 2.0 kg extinguisher, you must carry 1 x 2.0 kg fire extinguisher, not 2 x 1.0 kg fire extinguishers. However, if you are already carrying minimum required Fire Extinguishers you may also carry additional smaller fire extinguishers.

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