Fire Extinguisher Training Adelaide


Lack of understanding on how to operate a fire extinguisher can be deadly. Without operating knowledge, facility occupants can panic, become trapped, or attempt the wrong type of firefighting technique. For fire extinguisher training businesses in Adelaide should look for ways to keep their facility personnel well trained and ready in the event of a fire emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Training Adelaide

When conducting fire extinguisher training Adelaide companies should cover the following items:

  • The top priority is to stay safe and know when to evacuate. The training should cover the various stages of fire emergencies and educate personnel on what steps should be taken.

  • There are three key items that can start a fire. They are oxygen to provide combustion, heat to reach the right temperature for fire, and a type of fuel to feed the fire. All three must be present in order for a fire to start and grow.

  • Different types of fuel require different types of fire extinguishers in order to extinguish the fire. Class A extinguishers will help with fires fuelled by wood, trash, plastic, paper and other non-metallic solids. Class B extinguishers will attack flammable liquids such as petrol, oil, grease, and others. Class C extinguishers are designed for electrical fires. And Class D extinguishers will help fight fires from metals such as potassium, aluminium, magnesium, sodium and others.

  • Fire blankets, water hoses and other items can also be used to attack a fire, but it is important training to understand when these can be used effectively, when to use a fire extinguisher instead, and when to evacuate.

  • Fire extinguishers use certain agents to fight fires. Depending on the type of extinguisher, a different agent would be used. Water agents help in a variety of fires, but could actually help a fire from flammable liquids or grease to spread, or increase the chance of electrocution if there is an electrical fire. CO2 agents can remove oxygen from the fire and work well for flammable liquids and electrical fires. Dry chemical agents spread a powder over the flames of a fire, robbing it of oxygen and disrupting the chemical reaction of the fire. Some of these powders may not be safe to use in certain areas, so it is important to know what is best for your location.

When conducting fire extinguisher training Adelaide personnel should be able to quickly identify a fire threat, know where exits are located as well as know where fire safety equipment is located, and have the ability to operate fire extinguishers when needed. Educate your appointed fire emergency personnel on when a fire extinguisher should be used. If a fire is larger than a waste basket, is spreading quickly, is of unknown origin, or the extinguisher is inoperable it is best to vacate the area instead of attempting to address the fire. Always consider saving lives first before taking the risk of fighting a fire. Looking for fire extinguishers in Adelaide? Want To Purchase Correct Fire Extinguishing Equipment? learn How To Choose And Use Fire Extinguishers

Fire Safe Services has a comprehensive fire extinguisher training Adelaide program that is specifically designed for this area. With this level of specialised training your personnel can be well educated on all aspects of fire safety and remain in compliance with Australian safety standards. Learn more about Fire Warden Training of Fire Safe Services.

Fire Extinguisher Training Adelaide