Fire Extinguisher Requirements For Boats & Marine Ships


Boats and marine vessels of all types can be particular dangerous for fires. Each year hundreds of boats, personal watercraft and other types of marine vessels catch fire or have some form of fire event. The factors that can cause a fire and make a marine fire so dangerous include: 

Boat Fire Extinguisher Australia

  • Wiring and electrical connections wear more rapidly on watercraft because of the corrosive nature of water
  • Electrical wiring and batteries are in close proximity to combustible materials such as a fiberglass hull
  • Petrol fumes can quickly cause a spark at any moment
  • Cooking on a marine vessel is particularly hazardous especially with open flame
  • Many compartments are tightly sealed and can accumulate chemical fumes that could ignite
  • Too many boats are not adequately equipped with proper smoke detection or fire extinguishers
Boat fire extinguishers are needed for every type of marine vessel. Even small fishing boats should have a boat fire extinguisher on board in the event the trolling motor catches fire. As with all fire safety equipment, boat fire extinguishers should be inspected on a regular basis to comply with Australian regulations and to keep safe in the event of a marine fire emergency. According to Australian regulations boat fire extinguishers should be inspected every six months which can typically coincide with the beginning of every boating season and at the end of the season.

The inspection process for boat fire extinguishers includes:

  • Check device for any damage or breakage due to normal wear and tear or hazards
  • Inspect nozzle and handle for any deterioration or breaks in the hose
  • Review the charge gauge and recharge the unit if needed using a compatible charging element
  • Look for factors that could cause deterioration or malfunction such as excess dirt, dust, moisture, or intense vibrations from jarring or onboard machinery and make recommendations on ways to extend the life of the fire extinguisher
The types of boat fire extinguishers approved for marine vessels include foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide or vaporizing liquid. The equipment on your boat and your boat’s construction are factors in determining which extinguisher would be most effective. Be sure to discuss your fire extinguisher options with a trained professional to choose the best fire safety devices for your boat.

To determine the best fire extinguishers for your Boat and marine safety needs consult Fire Safe Services. The skilled professionals at Fire Safe Services can help you to find the proper fire extinguisher and also provide training and inspection services to keep you safe on the water.

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