Fire Safety Tips For Caravans & Camping This Holiday Season


It is very easy to become distracted during the holidays. There is so much hustle and bustle to get on the road and reach your destination that you may neglect some proper safety measures. The checks you make, however, could you’re your life and your family’s lives. Fire emergencies can happen at any time, and even the smallest oversight could ignite a fire and cause catastrophe during what would otherwise be a happy holiday.

Fire Safety For Caravans

Before you pack up to get on the road this holiday, review some tips on fire safety for caravans:

  • Perform an exterior check – look around the outside of the caravan for loose wires, leaks, or poorly secured items. If you will be towing, check the tow harness and wiring.
  • Check the engine compartment – this area can become the hottest and have a high risk of fire. Make sure any debris is cleared and any grease or grime build-up is removed. Confirm wires are properly attached and no serious wear is showing. Check the battery and connections, plus check the fuel and oil lines for any issues. Make any needed repairs before taking a long trip.
  • Inspect the interior – the driver compartment and the caravan interior should be checked to make sure any flammable items are properly protected, and any electrical items are secured and powered off. Stoves, cook tops, matches, lighters, and other potential fire hazards should be carefully and safely stored.
  • Special notes on traveling – the vibrations and bumps on the road can cause items to become loose. Take extra care to make sure your fire risks are minimised.
  • Detectors – the interior of your caravan should have a smoke detector and a CO2 detector installed and properly working. Test these devices before going on your journey.
  • Fire extinguishers – at least one fire extinguisher should be available in the driver compartment and another fire extinguisher or fire blanket installed in the interior living area of the caravan. This provides quick access to help extinguish a fire if necessary.
  • Fire safety for caravans – at camp sites be sure to acquaint yourself with local fire regulations and proper care for camp fires and cook fires. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher beforehand so you can quickly react if an emergency arises. Keep matches, lighters and flammable liquids away from children and cook areas. Never leave any fire unattended and be sure to extinguish or power off any heat sources before going to sleep.

Fire safety for caravans should be an essential part of any holiday adventure. Take the extra time and steps needed to confirm you are prepared and safe. If you need advice or help with inspection or maintenance of fire safety for caravans, Fire Safe Services can assist with new equipment, repair or replace existing equipment, plus tips and training. Check our Caravan Fire Safety service.

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