Home Fire Safety Audit


Is your home safe from fire? The fact is, no home can be completely protected from a fire. But there are steps that can be taken to minimise your risk of fire and keep your family as safe as possible. Each year far too many children and adults perish as a result of home fires. To keep from becoming one of these tragic statistics you should first conduct a home fire safety audit.

House Domestic Fire Safety Audit

A home fire safety audit not only checks the function of your existing fire safety equipment, but it can also help in several other areas:

  • Is the equipment properly installed? Make sure that smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, or other devices are securely mounted or can easily be accessed by members of the household.
  • Would any additional equipment be needed? Confirm that the existing fire safety equipment is sufficient for the home, or if other equipment should be added. For example if there was a recent renovation should you install another smoke detector? Or if there are flammable items now stored in a closet, should a fire extinguisher be installed nearby?
  • Are escape routes clear and unobstructed? As time passes the fire escape route that you had originally planned for your home could be blocked by furniture or you may need to plan a different route.
  • Have electrical connections degraded or changed? Wires, switches, or connectors can fray or wear as years go by. You should check electrical connections to determine if there are new fire risks that could become a serious problem.
  • Is it time to upgrade to newer technology? The detection capabilities for smoke alarms has improved greatly in recent years. Plus newer smoke detectors can have longer battery life plus they may include the ability to integrate to a home security system. Consider looking at new options for smoke alarms and fire extinguishers that may be more effective for your home.
  • Should you purchase a fire blanket? One safety device that is often overlooked is a fire blanket. These items can be extremely useful in the event of a fire and can reduce property damage plus save lives.
  • Is everyone trained on how to use fire safety equipment? Your family should be educated on how to use fire extinguishers and check smoke alarms. Also your family should be fully trained on your fire emergency plan and what to do to escape and where to meet that is safe. 
There are serious dangers of fire in all homes. Keeping your family safe should be your top priority and a home fire safety audit can help you to minimise dangers. Fire Safe Services can help you conduct the audit and identify areas to improve your home fire safety.