Importance of Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance


After the installation of your fire safety equipment, there is normally a testing process to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Once the testing is completed, some facility owners or managers believe that their work is done and have equipment ready in the event of a fire emergency.

This is not the case, however. There should be a routine process in place for all fire safety equipment maintenance. Ongoing maintenance will make sure that the equipment that is in place is ready to address a fire emergency. Without the maintenance the equipment can easily fall into disrepair or become broken. 

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In almost any facility there are factors that can make fire safety equipment fail over time. Dust and dirt accumulation is one factor, but also extreme heat or cold, vibrations from heavy machinery, excessive moisture, exposure to sunlight and even some human factors can make equipment malfunction.

All devices should be a part of your fire safety equipment maintenance plan. The types of equipment should include: 

  • Fire extinguishers - inspect nozzles, hoses, container area for damage. Also check the charging gauge to make sure unit is charged. Check mounting brackets and note the inspection tag is current. Note the location of the extinguishers and whether they are placed appropriately to quickly address any potential fire risk areas.
  • Fire hydrants And Hose Reels- check water pressure, check connections, inspect routing and ability to reach potential fire risk areas among other items. Confirm there are no obstructions or obstacles that may impact the ability for the hydrant to service the fire risk areas.
  • Emergency lighting - confirm battery backup is working properly, check electrical connections, test to make sure automatic lighting sensors will trigger properly and cover the assigned areas appropriately.
  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms - confirm sensors are working properly, check battery backups, confirm audible noise is adequate to alert occupants, confirm visual strobe or light is working properly, confirm locations are appropriate to detect potential fires
In all cases it is a good idea to do a review of your fire risk assessment to determine if any changes could impact the ability for your equipment to properly protect your facility. For example, if you have added a new area or performed renovations, could this change your risk of fire? A risk assessment as part of your fire safety equipment maintenance could help to determine this.

Fire Safe Services is the premier fire equipment maintenance provider in the Adelaide area. For a comprehensive review of your facility and recommendations for fire safety equipment maintenance contact Fire Safe Services.

Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance