What Are The Emergency Planning Committee Responsibilities?


As part of your operational emergency plan an emergency planning committee (EPC) should be created.  The persons who are part of the EPC will have specific responsibilities that are clearly outlined in the Australian Standard AS-3745. 
Emergency Planning Responsibilities
To be sure that your emergency planning committee clearly understands these responsibilities, review the following synopsis:

  • Discuss and identify events, locations or situations where an emergency could occur
  • Review the various types of emergencies and their level of impact to your operation
  • Evaluate the various forms of mitigation for emergencies and benchmark against best practices
  • Documenting the emergency plan that complies with AS-3745 rules
  • Determine resources required including personnel, equipment and finances in order to implement the plan
  • Properly communicate the plan to all personnel within the operation and establish a means to properly notify visitors and new employees
  • Create an emergency evacuation diagram that clearly directs personnel to safety in the event of a crisis situation
  • Make the emergency plan available for outside party input as well as personnel at the location
  • Consider specialised emergencies and determine if an emergency response team (ERT) is needed in unique situations
  • Conduct training sessions for key personnel and establish an emergency control organisation (ECO)
  • Evaluate third party partners and providers that can assist with the supply of emergency equipment and consult on best practices
  • Have in place a clear definition of roles and responsibilities for the emergency planning committee with terms of service and succession processes
  • Properly test emergency procedures, identify areas of improvement, and refine procedures if necessary
  • Routinely review the emergency response plan at least annually to review and refine the plan
  • Cover availability of ECO members to insure someone is on call to address emergencies
  • Update or make recommendations for updating equipment and resources if necessary
  • Record incidents and activities relating to emergencies and emergency planning committee meetings – the records should be retained and made available for review at any time
  • Analyse the emergency plan to determine any gaps or oversights and suggest improvements where needed

In order for your location to be safely maintained an emergency planning committee is critical.  With the help of knowledgeable partners that have experience in creating emergency plans and strategies your business can feel safe and secure with the right committee members, emergency plans, and resources for budget or staff to make sure the job is done properly.

Look for an emergency planning partner that can provide you with the guidance needed to establish the right emergency operations plan for your facilities and locations. If you have any questions related to Emergency Planning Committee And Annual trial Evacuation feel free to contact us anytime.