Why is it important to perform regular fire drills at work?


A huge amount of time for everyone is spent at your workplace. During that time it is important for employees to feel safe that their facility is adequately protected from fire or other emergencies.

A workplace fire can be devastating not only for the business owners but also for the employees. There can be displaced workers after a business fire, injuries or even fatalities. Assets can be lost with a business fire, but the emotional and physical toll can be greater than almost anything else. A business can fail to bounce back after a fire simply because the workers are too traumatized to function. Statistics show that there are as many as 80,000 workplace fires every year and approximately 200 employees are fatally wounded from the fires. Before your business becomes another statistic, consider implementing a fire emergency plan and performing routine fire drills at work.
Fire Drills Australia

The right security measures and fire safety planning can help your business in several areas:

  • Reduce the risk of workplace fire emergencies 
  • Prepare personnel to properly respond during any fire emergency 
  • Protect assets from damage as well as protect lives 
  • Give employees a sense of security and safety in their workplace 

Conducting fire drills at work can help to reinforce your fire emergency policies and confirm that everyone understands how to properly respond during a fire emergency.The Australian standards provide clear recommendations to keep businesses safe and minimize fire risk. Some of the fire safety security measures that should be implemented include:

Perform a fire risk assessment to determine areas where a fire is most likely to occur and what type of fire could ignite Install fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in the appropriate areas Train personnel on the operation of a fire extinguisher Conduct fire drills at work to reinforce fire emergency procedures Inspect fire safety equipment regularly to make sure it is fully operational

The Australian standards also explain the process for conducting fire drills at work. The recommendations include: Prepare a fire emergency plan – this should cover the types of fires that could occur, the level of risk, and how employees should respond to a fire emergency.

  • Testing the emergency response process – cover all of the steps in writing and also verbally in meetings with your employees. Then execute some test scenarios to confirm everyone understands the process. Review the results of the tests and make any changes if needed.

  • Assign an EPC - Confirm the emergency planning committee (EPC) members and coordinate regular reviews and updates to the procedures.

  • Record keeping - Record fire drills and work and other fire related events including equipment maintenance or inspections in a log for reporting and reference.

When planning and coordinating fire drills at work you can work with trained experts to make sure all areas of concern are properly addressed. Fire Safe Services is the premier provider of fire safety equipment, training, and maintenance services for Australian businesses in the Adelaide area. The experienced professionals at Fire Safe Services can assist with all areas from a risk assessment to selecting the appropriate fire extinguishers, personnel training and coordinating thorough fire drills.

With the right planning in place and conducting routine fire drills at work, your employees can feel much safer knowing how they should respond in the event of a fire emergency. You can also better protect your workplace and keep assets safe while saving lives and preventing injuries.