Why You Should Purchase Fire Extinguishers in Bulk


There is little doubt that having fire extinguishers readily available can help save property and save lives. The right fire extinguisher installed in the correct area of a building can reduce the time it takes to respond to a fire and quickly extinguish the fire.

The challenge for many business owners or managers is knowing what type of fire extinguisher to purchase, how many should be purchased, and the work of installation with maintenance. Just the effort to purchase the right fire extinguisher can be time consuming and cumbersome, from researching types of extinguishers to hauling the units back to the facility for installation.

Thankfully there is a better way to get the right extinguishers installed and with much less hassle. Purchasing bulk fire extinguishers from a reliable partner can make the process virtually hassle free.

Some of the key advantages to purchasing bulk fire extinguishers include:

  • Experienced recommendations – by using a professional partner you can get the devices that are best suited for your particular location. For example, if you do not have a kitchen or cooking area in your building then you probably do not need a large fire extinguisher for grease fires. Instead you may need just a general purpose extinguisher. Your professional can also recommend the best size of extinguisher to adequately protect the area.
  • Competitive pricing – when purchasing multiple fire extinguishers from a company that specialises in fire safety you can receive very competitive pricing. This will not only save you time but also money.
  • Convenient ordering – whether you use the phone, email or other options you can quickly order the devices needed and go about your regular business. You do not need to worry about transporting the equipment back to your location or taking time out of your day to retrieve the order.
  • Easy installation – once the devices arrive, you can have your fire safety partner install the equipment and make sure that everything is in working order and adheres to the Australian Standards. 
  • Routine maintenance and inspections – after installation utilise a trained fire safety provider to make sure your equipment remains at optimal operation and is ready to respond in the event of any fire emergency.
The team at Fire Safe Services can make sure that you receive the appropriate equipment to properly protect your location. You will not need to worry about buying too many fire extinguishers, the wrong type of device, or getting extinguishers that are too small to adequately fight a fire. The comprehensive services provided by the team at Fire Safe Services will make sure the equipment is delivered and installed properly and can help to maintain the equipment after installation. All of the professionals at Fire Safe Services are fully trained and experienced with all types of fire safety equipment and can help you train your employees to stay protected in a fire emergency.