Even on a sunny day, buildings can be difficult to navigate if there is no lighting available. Halls and rooms with no windows can be so dark that even the best eyesight cannot help. In the event of an emergency the problem can be exacerbated.

To keep your facility safe in the event of a fire emergency or any other situation where power could be out, emergency lighting should be installed and checked regularly to make sure it is functioning properly.An emergency lighting system in your facility has several benefits:

  • If installed properly the emergency lighting will comply with Australian Standards to help you avoid any violations 
  • Helps personnel to see properly during a power outage
  • Properly identifies exits so that those in the building can get out more easily
  • Helps emergency personnel to find persons that may need assistance during an emergency

There is serious danger when a fire emergency occurs and there is no power to provide lighting. Fire Safe Services has a staff of trained professionals who can help you find the appropriate emergency lighting based on your specific location needs. Fire Safe Services can also routinely check your emergency lighting to keep it working.

Emergency Lighting