Planning For Emergencies

According to Australian Standard AS 3745 facilities must conduct at least one annual evacuation exercise which involves all occupants of the building. Preparation is key to fire safety! Checklists, training and planning are elements to confirm your fire emergency plan is in order. How can you be certain that your plan works? A document is necessary to record all the evacuation procedures, arrangements, responsibilities and fire combating strategies.

Those required to participate in the implementation and maintenance of the emergency plan are nominated as the facility's emergency planning committee. Your Emergency Plan will consider the following:

  • The size, complexity and features of the facility
  • Security systems and arrangements
  • The number and type of occupants and visitors
  • The hours of occupancy

Waiting until a real fire emergency could be detrimental  your plan could have gaps or oversights that risk property damage, injury or death. An annual trial evacuation can properly evaluate your fire emergency plan and keep compliant with Australian Standards. The evacuation exercise can reveal components of your plan that were missing, confusing, or incorrect. Fire Safe Services can help you put together the right plan and test it!

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