Caravan Fire Safety

In Australia there are more than 330,000 registered Caravans & RVs. Fire Rescue department report hundreds of Fire incidents in Caravans & RV's a year. The Country Fires Act and Regulations, 1989 requires fire extinguishers to be provided in each caravan. When staying in a caravan, having a working smoke alarm, fire extinguisher and fire blanket is just as important as having one in your home.

Make Sure Of the Followings:

  1. Install smoke detectors in your sleeping area and dry powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket near the exit door.
  2. We recommend that you have following safety equipment's in your Caravan: fire blanket, smoke alarm, fire extinguisher.
  3. Gas cylinders should be kept outside the caravan. If you suspect that there is a gas leak, turn off all appliances and the main cylinder valve, open all doors and window.
  4. Ensure that all electrical and gas equipment fitted is tested and in good working order.

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