If you want to learn more about fire safety the FPA provides a range of factsheets. The FPA Australia aims to be a vital and successful link in communicating the fire safety message to members, the fire safety industry, other businesses and industry, and to the wider community.

The following factsheets have been developed using the knowledge and skills of the members of the Association and with the approval of the various Technical Committees.

Smoke Alarms

Only a working smoke alarm can save lives. If you can handle a screwdriver, you can install a battery operated smoke alarm. Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance.Smoke Alarms - what you need to know

Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out or containing fires within the capability of the extinguisher. However, they must be of the correct type for the particular fire, and they must be used correctly.
Making the Right Choice and Understanding the Differences

Residential Fire Safety

Fire Protection Association Australia recommends ten steps you can take to protect yourself, your family and your home from fire.

Every year fire departments attend fires that are caused by incorrectly placed Christmas lights. FPA Australia urges everyone decorating their home to review these simple guidelines to ensure their home is safe this Christmas.Home Fire Escape Plan - what you need to know. Also, refer toHow to make your home fire safe.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Each year numerous children fall victim to fire. In some cases, children cause fires, which injure themselves and others and result in damage to homes, schools, other buildings and bushland. Children need to be protected from fire and the potential to start them. Children and Fire Safety

Each year many senior citizens fall victim to fire. Simple fire prevention is the best way to keep you and your home safe from fire. Below are some simple steps that you can take to reduce the chance of fire and burns. Seniors and Fire Safety

If your clothing or hair catches fire, the Stop, Drop and Roll method will aid in extinguishing the fire and prevent further injury. Stop, Drop and Roll

Escape plans are essential for schools, pre-schools and for the home. Read more inAfter the Fire Fact sheet.

Bushfire Safety

Appropriate design can be crucial when protecting your house from bushfire. Below basic checklist to consider when designing a house in a bushfire prone area. Laws for Burning in the Open.

Business Fire Safety

A fire at work can mean more than perhaps a few days off. You or your work-mates could be badly injured or killed. Even if no one is injured, a serious fire can mean that you lose your job. Around 25% of businesses that suffer a serious fire go out of business as a result. Fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace. Fire Safety in the Office

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Fire Extingusiher Guide

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