The best fire equipment available cannot work unless there are personnel trained on the equipment usage and operations. If a fire emergency occurs and there is no one trained properly, the equipment could be used inappropriately or personnel may not exit the building in time to prevent injury or a potential fatality.

With trained fire safety personnel you can dramatically reduce property damage while also reducing the risk of injury or death from a fire related incident. Australian Standards mandate that facility personnel be properly trained according to your locations fire emergency plan. This can save lives and help to limit property damage in the event of a fire.

Fire Safe Services offers a comprehensive training program in these areas:

Fire Extinguisher Training

Our Fire Extinguisher training includes the use of different types of fire safety equipments and fire extinguishers. We teach ABC's of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher inspection & maintenance and how to fire fight in case of emergency.

Fire Warden Training

Fire Safe Services designed Warden Training to meet the AS3745 requirements. This training provides enough knowledge, skills and experience to be a Fire Warden. Learn more about Our Fire Warden Training.

Fire Evacuation Training

Our Evacuation trainings are specially designed to help all staff and occupants at time of emergency. Our fire evacuation training provides enough knowledge and skills that are required to create a Fire Evacuation Plan.

Our community

Fire Safe Services is committed to giving back to its community. It supports a range of charity and non-profit organisations such as The Epilepsy Centre, Foodbank SA and Puddlejumpers.

Food Bank Jump In All The Puddles Epilepsy Centre

Need help choosing the right fire extinguisher?

Fire Extingusiher Guide

Make sure you are compliant with Australian Standards AS2444.

We are members of:

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