Fire Emergency Training Adelaide


For fire emergency training Adelaide area residents and businesses need, it is important to have a good understanding of the purpose behind fire emergency training along with the elements that are part of a comprehensive fire training program.

The fire emergency training Adelaide needs should focus around the serious dangers of fire along with the primary causes. The dangers include significant property damage, smoke damage, injury to people on the property, and in the worst cases, death from fire or smoke.

Fire Emergency Training

The fire emergency training Adelaide should have available should include:

  • Fire alarm and smoke detector operations – understand how these important devices function in different locations and how to respond when an alarm is sounding.
  • Fire extinguisher operation – learn about the different types of fire extinguishers and how they can be used to fight different types of fires. For example one type of extinguisher is ideal for extinguishing grease fires, while a different extinguisher might be used for electrical fires. 
  • Other types of fire equipment – fire safety blankets, hoses, and other types of fire safety equipment may be used in your location to help fight a fire emergency. Learn about these items and where they should be placed for easiest access.
  • The danger of smoke – more often than fire, smoke can be the most deadly. Understand how to react when smoke is spotted and methods to reduce the dangers of smoke inhalation.
  • Different types of fires – brush fires could be a real threat in the Adelaide area, but there are other types of fires to be aware of including cooking fires, rubbish fires, chemical fires and more. Learn how to notice fire risks and help to reduce these dangers before a real fire starts.
  • Evacuations – know how to determine if a fire is serious enough to warrant an evacuation of the premises. Clearly communicate the level of danger and help others to find safety.
  • Safety checks – fire prevention is one of the most important aspects of fire emergency training Adelaide residents can use. Checking to make sure fire safety equipment is properly inspected and in good operating order is an important step, along with practice drills so everyone clearly understands what to do in the event of a fire emergency. 
Not everyone will know exactly what to do in a fire emergency. Utilizing fire emergency training Adelaide residents and businesses can be better prepared to fight a fire, plus work to prevent any fires. Fire Safe Services is the premier provider of professional fire emergency training services, and can help you and your business be trained and ready.

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