Fire Extinguisher for Trucks & Cars


Is it really necessary to have a fire extinguisher for trucks & cars? In the past installing any type of fire safety equipment in a vehicle was reserved for mainly commercial vehicles with a high risk of fire and first response vehicles. Today’s drivers are more aware of safety risks and many look to find ways to minimize the danger that comes with any vehicle fire.

Fire Extinguishers For Trucks, Cars Adelaide

Logically, it makes a lot of sense to install a fire extinguisher for trucks & cars for several reasons:

  • Vehicles inherently have a higher risk of fire due to the high temperatures of engines combined with batteries, fuel and electrical wiring.
  • Crashes that result in a vehicle fire are more likely to have serious injuries or death.
  • There have been a notable number of vehicle recalls because of manufacturer faulty wiring that can result in fire.

Here are some points to consider when evaluating a fire extinguisher for trucks & cars:

  • Is the fire extinguisher UL listed? Any safety equipment with an Underwriter’s Laboratories rating has been thoroughly reviewed and tested to insure public safety and reliability. Manufacturers of fire safety equipment who participate in the UL listing will undergo continuous scrutiny and testing.
  • What type of fire extinguisher is needed? A fire extinguisher for trucks & cars should use a class B or C. The types of extinguishers include –
  1. Class A – for wood, paper and ordinary trash materials
  2. Class B – for flammable liquids including petrol, oil, and other liquids
  3. Class E – for electrical fires that could ignite from batteries or wiring
  4. Class D – for combustible chemicals and metallic commonly used in manufacturing
  5. Class F – for cooking and kitchen area use such as grease fires
  • Who needs a fire extinguisher for trucks & cars? If you are on the road a great deal, it is wise to keep fire safety equipment readily available. For people who have recreational vehicles such as caravans or family vehicles, a fire extinguisher is highly recommended. Business and commercial vehicles should consider a fire extinguisher even if they do not regularly transport flammable items.
  • Where should the device be kept? It is recommended to mount the fire extinguisher securely so it does not roll around and break. Mounting on the front driver seat or directly behind the seat is advisable.
  • What size fire extinguisher? For most trucks and cars a smaller size extinguisher, about 1.5Kg with a hose or so, should be adequate to attack most vehicle fires.

Consider installing a fire extinguisher for trucks & cars to keep yourself, your property, and your passengers safe. There are many components to a plan for Fire emergencies. Finding a partner that has extensive experience can help you put together the best plan for your Emergency situation. 

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