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A fire can happen in any place, at any time. This includes passenger cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and commercial vehicles. Motorised vehicles can actually have a greater risk of fire than regular households because there are multiple combustible items fit tightly together with many opportunities to ignite improperly.

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Installing fire safety equipment for cars makes a lot of sense for several reasons:

  • Reduce the chances of an electrical spark or fuel to ignite and cause serious injuries
  • Respond quickly to an automobile accident to extinguish a potentially dangerous fire
  • Be prepared for faulty parts in a vehicle that may be eligible for recall
  • To determine what fire safety equipment for cars is best for you, review these tips:
  • Confirm UL Listing – equipment that has been rated by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) is some of the safest devices available, and are often backed by a strong warranty.

The type of fire extinguishers to use: There are various types of fire extinguishers that can be used in vehicles and other places.

  • Class A – is generally for ordinary trash items including paper, wood and other materials
  • Class B – utilised for flammable items such as oil, grease or petrol
  • Class E – best for fighting electrical fires from wiring or batteries
  • Class D – specialised for metallic items and combustible chemicals found in factories
  • Class F – used mainly in cook areas to fight grease fires
Best use of fire safety equipment for cars - It is wise for every vehicle to have some type of fire safety equipment. Some manufacturers are already offering fire safety devices for their vehicles. If your vehicle is driven a great deal, or you carry items that increase the risk of fire such as flammable liquids, sprays, or oils, you should consider equipping your vehicle with fire safety devices.

Determining the size fire extinguisher to install - Most passenger vehicles can use a smaller size extinguisher, about 1.5kg with a hose or so. Larger trucks and recreation vehicles may consider having one extinguisher at the driver seat and another in the cab or body. For passenger cars installing a fire extinguisher under or behind the driver seat is recommended.

For any questions regarding fire safety equipment for cars, speak with a knowledgeable professional. By educating yourself and learning about options you can make solid decisions on what types of fire safety equipment to use and also learn how to properly operate the equipment to keep your property and your passengers safe from harm.

Consider installing a fire extinguisher for trucks & cars to keep yourself, your property, and your passengers safe. There are many components to a plan for Fire emergencies. Finding a partner that has extensive experience can help you put together the best plan for your Emergency situation. Fire Safe Services offers a variety of Fire Extinguishers For Vehicles. We also specialise in Fire Safety Equipment For Caravans & Commercial Trucks. Call Fire Safe Today!

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