Importance of Fire Warden Training Adelaide


During a fire emergency, even the calmest personnel may panic and become confused on what to do. With the panic people can be injured, cause harm to others, or die from making the wrong decisions. A fire warden is the calm in the storm of a fire emergency. The additional training for fire wardens help to make sure people are as safe as possible in an emergency. The fire warden training Adelaide businesses have available can help to make sure your appointed fire warden is well informed and knows how to stay calm in the event of a fire.

Fire Warden Training Adelaide
There are several key points that are covered as part of the fire warden training Adelaide companies can provide:
Selecting the proper candidate to be your fire warden – employees are the ideal candidates to be fire wardens since they are typically on site and can be ready to respond quickly. But the best employees for fire warden need to understand the importance of this responsibility, and have the right personality and ethic. Look for an employee who is very reliable and takes pride in their work. Also the employee should exhibit calm under pressure, attention to detail, and can react well during a crisis.

  • Equipment operation – the fire warden training Adelaide companies need should include all aspects of fire safety equipment operation. The training should include identification of the different types of fire extinguishers, checking smoke alarms, observing emergency exit signs with lighting, fire blankets, and fire hose operation.
  • Assessing the situation – the fire warden should be able to quickly assess the fire emergency and react quickly. For example, if a fire alarm has been triggered, the fire warden should determine where the issue is and make sure personnel begin the evacuation process immediately, even if it may be a false alarm. Isolating the source of the fire or smoke is important so personnel can be directed away from the source. If the fire can quickly be controlled with a blanket or extinguisher, the fire warden can take on that responsibility
  • Knowing the procedures – educating the fire warden on proper evacuation procedures will save lives. This includes reminding personnel to follow exit signs, confirming all personnel have evacuated safely, and make sure fire responders have been called. The fire warden should also be prepared to handle people who panic or people who are injured during the event. 
For fire warden training Adelaide businesses can depend on Fire Safe Services. The experienced professionals can help you with all of your fire safety needs, including training, fire warden preparation and fire safety education.