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Suggestions for the use of drones for firefighting are often impractical , Nothing has replaced the firefighter extinguishing the fire on site. A suggestion put by a group of CFS Firefighters in the early 1990’s for tracking fire front travel was rejected by the Service as impractical and costly. A drone equipped with locating software and thermal imaging cameras,into smoke over a bushfire relaying data to Comms centres would enable fireground commanders to know where to send fire fighters safely The Volunteers had professional expertise to donate,but no money Could have been done 15 years ago. Alas. Keep yourselves FIRESAFE


News travel stories like the crash landing in Dubai in August 2016 horrify us. All passengers were evacuated safely, but an airport firefighter died. Preliminary reports from UAE suggest he died from smoke inhalation. Aircraft upholstery is made of PU foam which on fire produces not only Carbon Monoxide but also Hydrogen Cyanide. ( same at home but you can escape) In an aircraft cabin the atmosphere is quickly lethal, even at floor level. If you are on board and a fire starts extinguish it quickly, avoid the smoke use the Oxy mask, follow cabin crew directions to Keep FIRESAFE


The Fire Danger season will start in November The season in the Country Fires Act is defined by CFS Chief Officer considering meteorological and agronomy advice, In it the potential for weather that produces uncontrollable bushfires is high. Once they start it is too late to start bushfire prevention work. That needs to be started well before the season. Clear flammable material anywhere within 20m of the dwelling Remove dry undergrowth and grass from around the home and buildings Prepare a 20-metre fire protection zone around the home to reduce the danger from radiant heat and sparks and Keep FIRESAFE


Look around after a dusty day. Anywhere dust can get in, a spark driven by wind can penetrate. In a Bushfire to protect your house it is vital that you prevent sparks and burning material from entering through windows, under doors and/or under floor boards. This can be achieved by fitting metal fly wire mesh or solid screens to spark proof the windows, doors, ventilators and skylights and close in all openings in eaves and under-floor areas. Seal all gaps in the roof area along the ridge cap gutterline and fascia board with something like a silicone and Keep FIRESAFE


Every week there is another story about a narrow escape from a burning house alerted to danger by a neighbor. Every week there is another story of someone who didn’t make it. Just what is it about the words SMOKE ALARM that makes people ignore them? Then let batteries go flat or take the batteries out to use in a toy, or let so much dust accumulate that no smoke can penetrate Fortunately every week there is another story about occupants escaping a burning house because the smoke alarm work them . Look after your smoke alarm and Keep FIRESAFE

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