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Who are we?

We are proudly South Australian, established in 2001 with experience dating back to 1987. Our founding staff were from the division of the Metropolitan Fire Service (Fire Equipment Services South Australia). After the closure of this division, we couldn't let this experience go to waste, and so Fire Safe Services was created.

With over 30 years in the fire equipment industry, we have used this experience to formulate and perform vigorous testing provide you the best quality of  safety equipment, training and equipment servicing in South Australia.

At Fire Safe, we have staff from vastly different backgrounds with different experiences. This combination of such a diverse yet welcoming culture, gives us the opportunity to provide you the appropriate recommendations to get your home and workplace up to standard in compliance with WHS.

Why do I need to worry about Fire Safety?

As an employer, business owner, manager, chief fire warden or other person responsible for safety, it is essential that you are prepared.


Fire Safe Services provide services that are fully compliant with Australian Standards. WHS requires that all buildings have fire equipment installed properly and in the correct locations according to the most recent Australian Standards.


Fire safety equipment  must be serviced regularly according to Australian Standards. We at Fire Safe Services, can assist you with the 3 main services needed to ensure compliance with WHS.


Fire Safety Equipment

You need the right tools for the right job. Having the correct equipment compliance is critical to ensure the right equipment is used for the right hazard.

Fire Safety Training


You can have the best fire safety tools, but how good is that without training? training is essential to give you confidence to prevent a fire and if necessary, to fire fight.

Fire Equipment Servicing

Having the correct equipment and training is important, but without regular servicing, you could be dealing with faulty equipment which is a whole different danger in itself.

Pay now, save a lot more later.

Security Team Member
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