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Frequently  Asked  Questions

What training do you offer?

We at Firesafe have a strong, practical skillset blended with key theoretical thinking to help train you to develop your fire fighting and prevention knowledge in the case of an emergency. We are also members of FPA Australia, specialising on fire safety education. The courses we excel at include, but not limited to; Fire warden, First Aid, Fire prevention, Fire equipment training, Evacuation planning and much more.

Do you offer consulting?

With our vast experience and certified knowledge, we offer nothing but quality when it comes to consulting. Not only quality, but a wealth of different perspectives to cover every angle of necessary safety requirements, equipment installation, surveying and planning.

Do you deliver?

How can I pay?

We offer many different payment options to give you the luxury of choosing what best suits you. The payment options include paying over the phone, In store, bank transfers and through Stripe.

Here at Fire Safe take pride in also being a Mobile Service Provider anywhere in South Australia. We also understand the need to contain the spread of COVID-19 by taking all the necessary precautions to protect both you and our staff.

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