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Fire Equipment Servicing

Servicing alone can stop a fire before it even starts. AS1851 covers the need to service your fire equipment. Frequent servicing will give you peace of mind knowing your equipment will not fault in the case of an emergency.

Regularly servicing your equipment is essential to prevent the worst case scenario. Besides the safety risks of a potentially faulty piece of equipment, you could face thousands in damages including, but not limited to:

Property damage, building infrastructure damage, Loss of income, Injuries and even Deaths.

Site Audits

 A Fire Safety Audit will identify any non compliances or specific fire safety risk issues. Upon completion of the audit recommendations are provided to address the identified deficiencies, so that the building and its systems comply with relevant legislation.

Fire Equipment Servicing

By implementing routine fire safety equipment inspections and maintenance services you can be ready for any fire emergency. Fire Safe Services has a maintenance plan that will fit your location's needs.

One key component of providing a safe working environment is to develop a detailed plan on how to effectively evacuate a premise in the event of a fire/emergency. This is important for many reasons including taking attendance, prevent disorder and to provide peace of mind

Fire Evacuation Diagrams

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