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Fire Safety Training

Having the correct fire equipment is important, but training is essential to make sure you use your equipment in a safe manner. In the event of a fire emergency, it is critical for trained personnel to correctly operate the fire equipment to prevent injuries or even a fatality.

Having a trained fire safety personnel can also save you thousands in damages.


Think about it; having a trained staff worker, equipped with the correct knowledge to act in a fire emergency, can be the difference between a damaged carpet and a razed building complex.

Besides, under the Australian Standards Mandate, facility personnel must be properly trained in accordance to your location's fire emergency plan. 

Fire Extinguisher Training

Our Fire Extinguisher training includes the use of different types of fire safety equipment and fire extinguishers. We teach the correct usage of Fire Extinguishers, 

Fire Warden Training

Fire Safe Services designed Warden Training to meet the AS3745 requirements. This training provides the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to be a Fire Warden

Fire Evacuation Training

Our Evacuation trainings are specially designed to help all staff and occupants at time of emergency. Our fire evacuation training provides enough knowledge and skills that are required to create a Fire Evacuation Plan.

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